Delforge Roses
Ph. Delforge Roses Intl. is a Belgian rose breeder. Delforge has trial areas in
Europe and Africa, where their main commercial varieties are Tonight® and
Amarena®. Delforge is now entering the Latin American market. Their
experience in the rose business will lead them to introduce novel genetic
material with outstanding performance for the Ecuadorian rose growers. If
you wish to see their plant material please feel free to ask.
Color: Cherry Red
Bud head size (cm): 5.5-6.5cm
Number of petals: 40
Stem length (cm): 50-80
Vase life (days): 12
Productivity: 100 st/m2/y
Thorns: low
Aroma: No

*Data retrieved from our trial/selection area in
Tabacundo, Ecuador (2900 masl)